Alison L. Butler, Esq.

Alison L. Butler is the Director of Legal Services.  She was named to this position in 2015.  In her role, Alison oversees all of the legal work at Disability Law Colorado, including investigations of abuse and neglect, individual representation in workplace or housing discrimination issues, assistance to students and parents with disability-related legal issues in schools and working with residents of institutions when they seek a less restrictive placement in the community, among others. 

Alison is active in providing trainings state-wide to other lawyers, organizations and members of the community on a multitude of disability topics, including:  special education law, housing discrimination, the Americans with Disabilities Act, service and companion animal issues, the use of restraint in public schools and general disability awareness.  She also advocates for the rights of people with disabilities through legislative and committee work. 

Alison joined Disability Law Colorado in 2007 and previously coordinated the Protection and Advocacy for Individual Rights (PAIR) program and worked in the Special Education program.  Prior to joining Disability Law Colorado, Alison worked in private practice on employment and housing discrimination issues, as well as in the Public Defender’s Office in Palm Beach County, Florida. She is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Florida and New York. Alison received her bachelor’s degree in political science from Florida State University in 1994 and her law degree from Columbia University School of Law in 1997.

Director of Legal Services