Legislative Analysis

Disability Law Colorado has a long history of educating policy makers about the rights of people with disabilities and older people.

We have also played an instrumental role in getting groundbreaking laws passed in the State of Colorado. 

Position Statements - 2017 Legislative Session


Vote NO! on SB17-071

To Protect the Rights of People with Disabilities

Vote NO! - Disability Law Colorado strongly opposes Senate Bill 17-071, which changes the number of required Voting Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) from one for each 30,000 active voters to one for each 75,000 active voters and removes the requirement that VSPCs be open on the first Saturday during the 15 day period prior to Election Day.  

How This Bill Affects People with Disabilities – By reducing the number of VSPCs available in the first week of Colorado’s early voting period, people with disabilities will face greater barriers and challenges during the election process that will inevitably result in disenfranchisement.  Colorado has made significant progress over the past several years by creating a more accessible election system by implementing an early voting period, ADA compliant VSPCs, and same day registration.  This progress has made it much more likely that a person with a disability will have the opportunity to vote and participate in Colorado’s elections alongside non-disabled voters.  Disability Law Colorado’s concern is that this bill eliminates services during early voting without taking into consideration how it will disparately impact people with disabilities.  Nor does the bill provide any thoughtful alternatives that could replace these services.  This legislation places Colorado on a regressive path when it comes to providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities during the election process. 


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