David Monroe Named New Director of Legal Services

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pictures of David Monroe with headline that he's been named New Director of Legal Services

DENVER, CO | April 19, 2021 — Disability Law Colorado, the state’s designated Protection & Advocacy agency, announces David Monroe, Esq. as the organization’s new Director of Legal Services. David succeeds Alison Butler, Esq. who left Disability Law Colorado in September to accept a position at the State of Colorado’s Office of Respondent Parents Council as the Carrie Ann Lucas Program Director. “We are delighted to name David as Director of Legal Services. He brings exceptional leadership, a strong commitment to disability rights, and a deep understanding of the community we serve,” said Mary Anne Harvey, Disability Law Colorado’s Executive Director.

David is no stranger to Disability Law Colorado. He has served as the Grand Junction Office Managing Attorney since January 2017, representing individuals with workplace and housing discrimination issues as well as students and parents with disability-related legal issues in schools. As Director of Legal Services, David will provide vision and guidance for all of Disability Law Colorado’s legal work, from leading major systems change initiatives to ensuring the rights and wellbeing of every individual who turns to the Protection and Advocacy System for help.

“I am honored to be named just the third Director of Legal Services in Disability Law Colorado’s 45-year history. This leadership role has previously been filled by two very talented and dedicated attorneys who blazed a trail for disability rights and left a powerful legacy. I am steadfast in my commitment to live up to that legacy, as I work with our team to further the promise of the protection and advocacy system,” says David Monroe.

David has established a reputation as a fierce disability rights advocate and a tenacious attorney along the Western Slope. He is passionate about protecting children with disabilities from abusive disciplinary practices and providing them with the opportunity to be educated to their fullest potential so that they can grow up to be independent and productive adults. Disability Law Colorado’s community integration work has also benefited from David’s advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities who want to leave nursing homes for an independent life in the community. David began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney in private practice in 1992. Over the past 30 years he has worked as an educator, educational and grant administrator and as executive director of a non-profit agency providing services to people with disabilities.  


About Disability Law Colorado:  Disability Law Colorado, Colorado’s Protection & Advocacy System, works to protect and improve the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities and older people by embracing opportunities to work on ground-breaking issues that change systems and improve communities. DONATE to our work to fight for disability rights throughout Colorado.

CLICK HERE for a PDF of the announcement | David Monroe Named Disability Law Colorado's New Director of Legal Services