CO Tax Rebate for Elders & People with Disabilities

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picture of Colorado Capitol

Property Tax, Rent, Heat (PTC) Rebate is now available to Colorado residents based on income including people with disabilities and older adults to help with their property tax, rent, and/or heat expenses this winter and beyond. The rebate amount can be up to $976 a year for applicants. 

Elderly Coloradans and people with disabilities can start applying for a rebate to help pay their property tax, rent, and heat expenses. Residents can get up to $976 a year, depending on their income levels. To be eligible for the Property Tax, Rent, Heat rebate, an individual must have lived in the state for all of 2021, be at least 65 years old and earned less than $15,831 or $21,381 for married couples. The rebate, which was created in 1987, is also available to a surviving spouse aged 58 or older, and to a disabled person, regardless of age. The General Assembly has, in the last 10 years, expanded the eligible population and tied the rebate to inflation.