Gov. Polis Signs 2 Mental Health Bills

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On Monday, May 20th Colorado Gov. Polis signed into law two mental health bills in which Disability Law Colorado had a significant role in shaping: SB 222- Individuals at Risk of Institutionalization and SB 223- Competency Restoration Reform. These two significant pieces of legislation were part of the legislative agenda to ensure easier access to mental health supports in the community. This is a fantastic day for Colorado. Thank you Senators Lee and Story and Representatives Landgraf and Weissman! The bill signing took place at Colorado Mental Wellness Network – a peer-led organization for mental health advocacy, wellness education, and Peer Support Specialist certification. State Senator Pete Lee Mike Weissman Senator Tammy StoryRepresentative Lois Landgraf Mental Health Colorado #PAIMI (Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) #MentalHealthMatters#DisabilityRights #COpolitics #DisabilityLawCO


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