Department of Justice Issues Helpful Q&A Document Regarding Service Animals

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At Disability Law Colorado we receive numerous questions regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act and the use of service animals. We frequently hear from people with disabilities that they've been refused access to a public accommodation because they use a service animal. Yesterday, the United States Department of Justice issued Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA.    

FAQ - Service animals


In answering thirty seven questions about the use of service animals, this Q&A document is both informative and helpful. It answers questions including the use of service animals in restaurants, hospitals, trailer parks, gyms, air planes, what to do if the animal is disruptive, can service dogs be excluded based on the dog's breed and more. Since this document is addressing ADA issues, it does not address companion animals in the context of the Fair Housing Act. For that information please check out the Bazelon Center's Fair Housing Information Sheet regarding the right to support animals.  

Fair Housing Information Sheet

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