The Everyday Guide and Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook Judged Finalists at Autism Conference

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     I am proud to announce that my book The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law and the Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook, by Dr. Jacque Phillips and myself, were both judged as finalists in the book competition at the 2011  Reliability Gives Voice to Autism Conference in Rosemont, Illinois. Additionally, The Everyday Guide was declared a winner in the legal book category at the 2011 Greenbook Festival in San Francisco.

     The Legal Center publishes these books to provide legal information about special education law that is in clear everyday language for parents and educators.  Additionally, since the Legal Center is a private non-profit agency, the sales of our books help support our work, including my writing this blog. Our books are not written in legalese or academic educator speak and provide accurate information in a friendly easy-to-read format.

     We believe if parents, teachers, and students understand the special education process, legal disputes may be avoided or more quickly resolved. Less time in conflict means more time working together for kids. The Everyday Guide provides clear information about obtaining a free appropriate public education, the evaluation process, IEPs, extended school year, discipline, dispute resolution, least restrictive environment, private schools, early childhood services, and section 504. The Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook supplements The Everyday Guide by providing legal information about actual cases in a story telling format. Parents and teachers are asked to use the Workbook to predict the likely outcome of the dispute so that parents and school districts can avoid unnecessary legal entanglments in special education.

     The Everyday Guide sells for $24.95 and the Workbook is only $19.95. The two books can be purchased together for $35.00. The books are also available in e book format for only $9.95. For more information or to order these award-winning books and help support our work, please visit our website or call 800-288-1376.