OSEP Spanish Glossary Now Available

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The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) has published a Spanish Glossary with over 250 IDEA related terms in Spanish. The OSEP Spanish Glossary was developed to ensure that educational terms related to the implementation of the IDEA used in documents to promote parents' participation are translated in a uniform and comprehensive way, across states, geographical regions and communities of Spanish speakers. The glossary was developed through a collaborative process that included focus groups of parents from a diversity of Spanish cultures, with children of various ages and a broad range of disabilities. Parent Training and Information Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers as well as schools, districts, and educators are encouraged to use the glossary to eliminate any variances in translations of these terms. The glossary should be a great resource to help Spanish-speaking parents participate in the special education process.

Similarly, my office The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People has publishedGuia de la Ley de Educacion Especial a Spanish/English version of my book The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law. Guia de la Ley is printed with the Spanish and English version of the information side-by-side on every page. Thus, the Spanish and English readers are looking at the same information.These books can be purchased from our website. It was not easy to publish this resource so that the Spanish and English information is side-by-side, but we are very pleased and proud that our not for profit agency was able to do it.