Guia de la Ley de Educacion Especial is SOLD OUT

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Guia de la Ley de Educacion Especial- SOLD OUT!
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Randy Chapman; Esq.
Date Published: 
Thursday, March 1, 2007
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10.9 × 8.3 × 0.7 in
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This Book is SOLD OUT.  Efforts are underway to have an updated edition printed.

Guia de la Ley de Educacion Especial is the Spanish translation of The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law. Both the Spanish and English text are included on every page. This book is an essential tool to help parents get the best education possible for their child with disabilities. It covers the IDEA's Part B, Part C and Section 504. This book is also an excellent resource for teachers and school administrators. This handbook gives parents courage, credibility and respect to effectively advocate for their child's right to an inclusive education.


This book offers, in simple language, lots of information of great service to the parents that need guidance on how to exercise, in the schools, the rights of their children with disabilities. Its explanations of the law, and the suggestions on how to proceed could be invaluable not only to the parents, but also to teachers and all others that work to implement the special education law. --Carmen Carrillo, Executive Director - Mi Casa Resource Center for Women              

About the Author: 

Randy Chapman has acquired a national reputation for his straightforward and practical approach to this complex legal area. He has been helping parents with children with special education since 1977. He is the author of four books and 40 articles on disability law. Parents and school district personnel appreciate his detailed, comprehensive and easy-to-understand writing style.