Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook

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Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook
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Dr. Jacque Phillips (Author), Esq. (Author), Randy Chapman (Author), Mary Anne Harvey (Editor)
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011
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The Preventing Litigation in Special Education Workbook is a supplement to the award-winning book, The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law. This workbook combines practical information on special education with actual case examples that are presented in a concise story format.


Expensive legal battles are depleting school district budgets nationwide. Dr. Jacque Phillips and Randy Chapman are to be commended for Preventing Litigation in Special Education. This tool should be required for every special education teacher preparation program in the country. By helping future teachers prevent litigation, they can focus their energy and time on addressing the needs of students. --Sarah DeHaas, PhD, Juniata College              

About the Author: 

The authors of the Workbook are Dr. Jacque Phillips, an experienced special education teacher and recently licensed attorney and Randy Chapman, the author of The Everyday Guide to Special Education Law with more than thirty-three years experience in special education and disability law.

The authors have joined forces to develop a Workbook to help parents and teachers predict the likely outcome of case examples so that parents and school districts can avoid unnecessary legal entanglements in special education. The Workbook gives readers understandable tools to help overcome disagreements and keep the focus on the student's success in school.